Sunday, November 30, 2014

Investor partner (economic term). An investor is a person, who wishes to invest capital, time or other assets for a longer period of time. A partner is a person who co-operates in order to achieve a shared goal. An investor partner is a person who invests capital or other assets to achieve a shared goal.

Why would someone want to become an investor partner? Mainly because compared to other investment options becoming an investor partner means a higher return. Another difference is that should not be ignored that as an investor partner helping another person is a goal that can help the whole of society.
How could someone become an investor partner? Anyone can become an investor partner regardless of the amount capital or the period of time or the expected returns.
There are two types of investor partner, institutional or non-institutional. An institutional or venture capital investor can be:
     Leasing companies
     Factoring companies
     Special credit institutions
     Government (tenders)
Non-institutional can be:
     Business angel
     Friend, family (3f, Love money)
     Essentially any person

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