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large-format prints, graphics on vehicles, light advertising, light boxes, signs, pylons,

Large-format printing, UV printing, Latex printing, Wall murals, paintings, Printing, Stamps, Vehicle wrapping, Advertising pylons, Stands / Displays / Presenters / Displays, CNC milling, Engraving / C02 laser cutting, Fiber laser marking, Advertising boxes, 3D letters, Neon signs, Plexiglass furniture, Plexiglass products: We offer standard plexiglass products: stands for leaflets and catalogs, stands for business cards and shoes, frames for price lists and offers, displays for cosmetics ... etc., Roll-ups, stands , Exhibition systems, Non-standard projects: The only limitation is our own imagination ... A non-standard order is a challenge for us. We will create any unusual advertisement that the client has come up with, design professionally, dress in matching colors, make it on properly selected materials, and finally install ... to attract the attention of the environment. So far, we have completed a lot of unusual orders. The most interesting are: playground decorations, fair buildings, games rooms, interior arrangements in cafes (openwork, logos made of unusual materials). Cutting of plastic elements (plexiglass, ABS, HPL, PC and more) as part of production cooperation: windows and plexiglass fairings for boats, screens and covers for buses, lamp elements, ABS elements for mowers, elements on special order ( trays for counting eggs - fish breeding and much more. www.elsi.pl

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