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We are looking for a partner to sell a new super effective Fire extinguishing liquid

Forest fires cause enormous damage to this day.
Our product is a fire retardant for fire fighting and extinguishing fires. By using it, the spread of fire can be effectively prevented!
How it works: The sprayed product forms a film-like coating on the surface to be protected when dried or heated and sets quickly, which prevents the treated material from coming into contact with oxygen, thus failing to ignite or further burn.
The flame retardant is applied to endangered or already flammable objects or plants by spraying and watering.
Our product is a non-toxic, non-flammable material with a stable structure, which decomposes in nature after use. It consists largely of materials belonging to the silicate family. Due to the stability of the preparation, it does not require special handling, it can be used in containers in normal storage for years.
In the event of a forest fire, taking into account the environment and wind speed, a thorough spraying of a …………… .m strip at a minimum distance of 50 m from the burning forest is usually sufficient to control the fire. Spraying of the Product can be achieved by placing containers and hand spraying, as well as by appropriate spraying technology by air
The production of the Product requires minimal technical training and is carried out with low-resource technology, which practically consists of the addition and mixing of the components that make up the Product. The production capacity can be installed almost anywhere where the small amount of energy required for production (mixing) can be provided.
After application, the Product has an immediate effect.


Balázs Berkovics

+5585 981198080
Email: berkovicsbrasil@ gmail.com

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