Monday, June 15, 2015

Behind every invention there’s serious work, often a lifetime of time and money invested before a great idea can be realized but the moment it is realized the future and the every-day life of humanity is changed. After research and development new technical solutions improve industry and production – giving competitive advantages to some people over others. Or a technical innovation decides the outcome of battles and helps to end conflicts. The B-29 American bomber and deep-sea oilrigs under the Gulf of Mexico are seemingly unrelated. But they aren’t. They both changed history.

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Tags: invention, invested, research and development, innovation

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Wednesday, May 20, 2015

There’s always an idea that changes many things often as much as history itself. A bold new idea, new inventions, unexpected discoveries – seemingly independent from each other however in the end a cause and causality becomes apparent. And this is in essence technical development. It may be surprising but this is still ongoing. Who knows how many inventors are dreaming, thinking, trying to create something new and bold? How will history continue?

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Tags: idea, invention, discoveries, technical development

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