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Partner (Importer) search dietary supplements imports of the product in Germany - GALLMET

I am looking for partners to manage the German import of the digestive dietary supplement products of my UK company.
Additional information:
1. For the time being there is a customer/interested party (wholesaler) in Germany we must supply.
2. The web site of our products manufactured in the EU from EU ingredients based on our own know-how: www.gallmed.co.uk .
3. The products have already been registered in Germany as well.
4. The products can be found on a well-known German trade portals: http://www.gebrauchs.info/search?q=Gallmed+Ltd.&type=manufacturer
5. We deliver the products to the customers from our German fulfillment warehouse with whom we are in the progress of signing an agreement.
6. The share of the importer is subject to negotiation, which we would determine based on the number of delivered/sold capsules due to the different bottle sizes filled with different number of capsules.
7. The importer will not come in contact with the product or potential returned goods, unless they want to or have the capability to do so.
8. So the importer enters into the contract (with payment and delivery conditions), invoices, transfers the money, manages everything that’s possible electronically but does so in each phase within 24 (maybe 48) hours.
We are ready to cooperate setting up payment/delivery conditions although we do not know the circumstances in Germany.
9. It is essential to have an operator available at a German telephone number within German working hours (08:00-17:00) who can speak and write German well.
10. We can freely agree on other details if you can undertake the above.
11. We are happy to answer your questions but we would like to conclude an agreement in the next one or two, max. three weeks.
12. The product liability is completely ours for which we have a UK insurance.

Attach Documents:
WESSLING laboratory test reports.pdf

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